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September 19, 2010



I had the best time and I will say that it was a challenge for me too!

I like your idea of thinking about things I was to do consecutively. Better daily prayer. Giving more love and attention to my kids. Sewing more. There are so many things! Perhaps I should ponder about one I would really like to do. Now is as good a time to start as any...


Very inspirational....I love Dennis!

Becca Hatch

I think the only thing I have done on every one of the past 1000 days is think to myself, "Oh, shit. I should not have eaten that."

And on that note, let's get together for dinner. Text me.


So proud of you both! I'd be happy if I could run one mile . . . oh geez . . . so depressing. I need to get my buns in gear so I can get healthy. So so hard on the road and so easy to make excuses . . . I've mastered it :-)

Love to read updates about you and the fam and HS friends!

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