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September 17, 2010


Krista B.

I completely understand how you are feeling. I know I have switched schools multiple times for the same reason, hoping to find that great connection between co-workers, work environment and what I am do. I am happy at my new job, but it hasn't stopped me from applying for a job in Germany. Amazing how I can't ever seem to be satisfied, maybe that is my curse.


You're going to find it, and I'm certain this "in between" step in your life will benefit you for your next big step! By the way...Utah Business Magazine just announced the 50 fastest growing companies in Utah and Vital Smarts made the list at #29. If they continue growing, there's GOT to be a position there for you! And...I'm excited to get an exercise partner back (even if it's not every morning doing mountain climbers and burpies).

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