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May 01, 2011



That is a big change with regard to travel! I guess you'll have to pick up some awesome airport/wait around hobbies. You already read... perhaps a new language?

I do hope will all your travels we can meet up soon. And Marc's sister lives outside of Boise, so though you are stuck there, I have good feelings for Boise.


Welcome to consulting!!!! : -D The world of EARLY morning, late night and red-eye flights . . . and then being "on" first thing in the morning at a client site . . . Hopefully you will do a better job enjoying the locations of your travels than I do. All I usually experience is the hotel, airport and client office. Embarrassing!


Uh, hello! Why didn't you email me or something. I live in Boise and the airport is no more than 10-15 minutes away from anywhere in Boise. I could have entertained you for a while and I would have loved seeing you. Boise is a hip place, albeit the airport is not.

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